Winter of grade 8… JTT, like, rules. Totally.

Most of my first 6 entries of this eighth grade diary simply list boring facts about my daily activities.  The first page states: “I have decided to write daily lists of blessings and thoughts. PS. Any real personal thoughts will be kept in a locked diary.”  So, I’m not sure how much ‘juicy’ info is really in this particular book (can’t find a date-coalated lock-diary?).  It DOES however, provide some great giggles – I was so young.

This was the winter we went on a family vacation to Walk Disney World, I chose which High School I’d go to, and I fell in love with Hanson.  But one man came before the HANSON obsession (which I’ll cover extensively, fear not… ha).


Actual diary entry.

JTT.  For those of you NOT born in the 1980s, that’s, JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS… and he just happened to be the babe of my world from age, oh 10 to 14?  He was little, had a high voice, and played the goofy middle brother on Home Improvement.  He usually sported a mushroom cut (nothing against them, really), and never seemed to bulk up – even into his 30s.

JTT in his PRIME! Um... I think I see nipple.

I really wish I could find the letter I wrote to him, because I’d scan it and provide you with at least 3 minutes of good of entertainment.  I never did send it, instead, I found it about 5 years later.  It was written in pencil crayon.  Not only did I ramble on about how “alike” we were (haha… because I knew him so well), I also drew a really poorly executed cartoon of myself wearing “my favourite outfit EVER”.  I also labeled the different parts of it with arrows – “overalls”, “T-shirt”, etc.  Oh, and I sent an awesome (no sarcasm, really…) sketch of him fishing.  (?)  Funny stuff.

For what it’s worth – I actually remember switching “favourites” from JTT to Zachary Ty Bryan (the eldest brother on Home Improvement) because I thought I had a ‘better chance’ with him because he was less good looking and less popular.  Great logic, in theory.  Ohhh, man.

Cheers, JTT!  I’m sure you’re out there somewhere.  OOoo!  I know – I’ll google him.  Not now, of course… uh, later.  When I’m not in Starbucks with a line of people looking over my shoulder.


One response

  1. Kim

    Oh. My. goodness. I also had a crush on JTT.

    January 5, 2011 at 2:42 am

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